Doutzen for Vogue Turkey


I do love me a good black and white cover and Doutzen’s is one of the best. It is uncluttered yet eye catching. Vogue US should take notes.

Cuneyt Akeroglu shot top model Doutzen Kroes for Vogue Turkey’s March 2014 issue. She looks absolutely stunning.

doutzen-kroes-cuneyt-akeroglu-vogue-turkey-2 doutzen-kroes-cuneyt-akeroglu-vogue-turkey-5 doutzen-kroes-cuneyt-akeroglu-vogue-turkey-1doutzen

See more photos here. And congratulations to Doutzen, who is expecting her second child with husband Sunnery James. They are the cutest little family.

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Saskia for Strenesse 2014


Dutch supermodel Saskia de Brauw is making me miss my peroxide pixie cut. Lensed by Karim Sadli, the campaign features Saskia in menswear inspired blazers with crisp spring whites and feminine details.

I love the simplicity of the campaign. The two-toned room and unobtrusive chair are the perfect backdrop for Saskia. Also, I would wear everything!


Very classic. See more and shop the looks here!

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I broke down

And got a Pinterest. I used to joke and say I don’t have one because I’m not a mom, teacher or sorority girl, but I actually really like the ability to keep inspiration in one place! Plus, if you follow a bunch of Scandinavians there is nary a chevron in sight.

Screen shot 2014-02-10 at 11.05.57 PMScreen shot 2014-02-10 at 11.09.18 PM

I guess you can, you know, like follow me here or whatever.


Design Friday: LSTN Troubadours


I am on the hunt for new headphones (my dinky Apple earbuds died well over a year ago) and I have finally found the holy grail of over-ear, reasonably priced, retro-inspired headphones.

Behold, the LSTN Troubadours…



Each pair is made from reclaimed beach, cherry and ebony wood, which means no two pair have the same wood grain! For each pair purchased, LSTN (listen) also makes a donation to the Starkey Hearing Foundation. The foundation outfits kids in rural and third world areas with custom fitting hearing aids. Pretty cool.

I’ve been reading up on reviews and actually might get a pair! Just look how gorgeous…


See tech specs and read more about LSTN’s cause here.


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