McFerrin Family Vintage Photos

My Mother’s Day present to my Mother was to take my Grandmother’s boxes and boxes of photos and scan them so we don’t lose any! It was a gift for my mother, but doing this has been a pleasure for me too! A defining facet of my personality is my love of documentation. I guess that explains why I have three blogs and carry my camera everywhere, but I have enjoyed this more than you know.

My Grandmother isn’t doing very well, we just moved her into a nursing home today, and these glimpses into her beautiful and long life are filling us all with joy and peace.

Here are just a few!

My Grandmother, Frances Bennett McFerrin is in the front (with the great pair of legs!)

Frances as a young teenager

My Handsome Grandfather, Earl Arch McFerrin

‘Mac’ in Uniform

My Grandmother, one classy lady, on a cruise in 1965

My Grandmother at 40

My Uncle Stephen at Jekyll Island, GA. This picture is so Sixties, from the Bus in the background, the Motel sign and that man walking with a tie and hat in the middle of a Georgia Summer. I love it!

My Uncle David, My Mom Cathy, My Uncle Stephen and my Grandmother in Nassau, 1965

My cousin Carol, mom, Uncles and Grandmother at the Atlanta Zoo in the Sixties! How adorable are they?!?

It’s all about that Car baby

Christmas in the 60’s. “Santa’s” sack is my Grandfather’s laundry bag from WWII

My Grandmother got all dressed up to go visit her cousins Bobbie Louis and Joyce after the birth of their son Bradley

My Uncle Stephen reading the Bible upside down

My mother and Uncles at the Roosevelt’s Little White ┬áHouse in Georgia

First day of 1st Grade and 8th Grade

Crew Cuts and Christmas Trees

Holly, Cathy, Stephen and Earl ‘Butch’ McFerrin

My mother, Uncle and Grandfather. Easter Sunday in the 1950’s. Precious.

And lastly, my favorite picture of my Grandmother.

Isn’t she lovely? My Grandfather planted Dogwood trees at every house they lived in. What a beautiful gesture!

There you go! A glimpse into life in the Sixties and Forties! There are some gorgeous photos still in cigar boxes I haven’t gotten to yet, so expect another Vintage Photo post soon!

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6 thoughts on “McFerrin Family Vintage Photos

  1. bethsciallo says:

    thanks for sharing your family. The lovely photo of your Grandmother reminds me of my own – perfect hat & dress in the dogwood trees.

  2. wendy says:

    Thanks for sharing!! Loved looking at the photos.

  3. […] you all know, lately I have become consumed with thoughts of vintage photos. Maybe it is only human to think the past is more beautiful, glamorous and idyllic than the […]

  4. No problem everyone! I’m glad you enjoyed them and hope they bring back memories of you and your families! More coming this Thursday.

  5. amarcelle88 says:

    Wow Anna! These are great photos and it goes to show that style is definitely in your genes! My blog isn’t as great as yours…but check it out sometime!—> I finally wore those vintage floral shorts from the store!

  6. […] of my vintage photo posts for awhile. I think I have scanned all that I can scan! You can read the first and second if you missed […]

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