The Vogue Archives: 1950’s


Last month I showed you some scans from 1968, and now it is time for my favorite decade of all, the glamorous 1950’s!

Here are some of my favorite Vogue scans.

2 50-15 50-25 50-64 50-40 50-49 50-63 50-65 50-76 50-78 50-85 50-91 106 panty hose 121 trend tweed polka dot blod and nevertiti FUR! dress evening

I think when it comes to style, we can all agree that the Fifties did no wrong. It was all about creating an hourglass silhouette in the most sophisticated way possible. You will also note that these models are all women, not girls. We even saw some models well into their fifties and sixties, looking every bit the picture of American glamour. I like that.

Every single garment in all the Vogues was absolute perfection. Even now, you cannot look through a fashion magazine without shaking your head a few, okay many times. But the 1950’s? Flawless. I would wear every glove, every dress, every hat and I would take any one of those men too! (Ladies, let’s be honest here: suits need to come back!)

I am definitely enamored!

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4 thoughts on “The Vogue Archives: 1950’s

  1. Mom says:

    Great pictures! Brings back my earliest memories of my Mother and her friends.
    And you are right…suits for men need to come back!

  2. artisticlady says:

    Nice retro pictures!

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