Why I cancelled my Vogue subscription

You’ll have to excuse me readers, but I need to vent.

After flipping through Vogue US’s underwhelming January issue, where they successfully made Gwen Stefani boring, I decided it might be time to quit holding the magazine up as the ultimate in the industry.

Even Gwen looks over it.


I didn’t think it could get worse, and then this happened…


I can no longer support a magazine that turns out something this awful. With all the money, and all the creative talent at Vogue, they come up with this? What art director looks at this cover and thinks, “Yes, I approve of this awkward text alignment. Let’s cover up the interesting detail of this blouse with red, white and blue text. Surely that is the only way we can convey that this issue is about American style.”

I don’t want to be a senseless internet griper, so I will write a list of grievances that hopefully you will find reasonable.

1. When was the last time you saw a model on the cover of Vogue US?

And I do not mean Kate Moss (even though I love her). Sure, Karlie is a favorite inside the mag, but let’s give her a cover, yes? Or what about Edita, or Anne V. or *gasp* one of the leading Asian models right now, Fei Fei Sun? Vogue US has the power to catapult a model into supermodel status and it frustrates me to no end that they stick Kristen Stewart on the cover looking like a dead fish and call it a day.

Shouldn’t Vogue be championing models, if they really are so supportive of the industry? And if they are worried about selling magazines, I assure you that seeing Twilight girl’s icy mug and Rihanna splashed all over is not doing anything for my urge to pay hard earned money…


2. Vogue US covers are predictable, unimaginative and very, very white.

This pretty much goes for editorial content too, but covers are easier to discuss.

They are doing the same thing, over and over again and I am bored out of my mind. Who says you have to have captions on both sides of the cover, in the exact same font every time? It is a formula and it isn’t working. Who says you even need to have WORDS AT ALL? It’s Vogue for heaven’s sake. Throw the rules out the window and get all that clutter off the cover. They should be going for an iconic cover every. single. time.

Like this one…


Now that is a magazine you would want to pick up and flip through (it’s from the 40’s). Vogue Italia and Korea’s covers are fantastic to look at if you want to see the kind of minimalism I am talking about for our modern age.

And do not even get me started on the amount of safe, white actresses in the mag lately. Okay sure, there was that one cover with Michelle Obama and Rihanna twice in the last two years and J Lo. But guess what, there are tons of gorgeous Hispanic, Asian, African and everything in-between models working right now. Or hey, why not introduce America to Erika Linder or Andrej Pejic in grand style? The magazine no longer represents the American population and that is a problem. Don’t get me wrong, I like Emma Stone, Emma Roberts, Charlize Theron, Marion Cottilard, Keira Knightley, Taylor Swift, Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon (anyone noticing a trend here?)

Even the way the editorial content is presented to us is same old same old. They are doing nothing of interest with type or graphics.

Nothing is dynamic, nothing is exciting!


There was more excitement in the 1920’s than there is today! How is that okay?

I am done with Vogue US until someone up there starts churning out stellar content. There is no excuse.

Having said all this, I am now in need of another fashion magazine to subscribe to. I do enjoy Harper’s Bazaar (for the most part) and have considered that as an alternative.

Does anyone have a good one out there for me?

Also, tell me your thoughts. Anyone else out there unsatisfied with good ol’ Vogue US?

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9 thoughts on “Why I cancelled my Vogue subscription

  1. bpreethi says:

    THIS! Vogue has gotten too vanilla! Apart from the excerpts from Grace Coddington’s memoir, I fail to recollect anything half decent they have put out in recent times! So I am with you on this! :)


  2. TOTALLY AGREE! Every cover looks the same… and that Rooney Mara cover is even more “underwhelming” than the Kristen Stewart one. You’re right, with all the money and connections they have they should be able to produce some amazing things

  3. wilddarts says:

    this is so true! Even other editions of vogue are suffering! The last 3 or 4 issues of Australian Vogue have been so bland and boring.. My ultimate favourite section is all the fashion editorials.. and there have been maybe only a few very small spreads each edition!
    I know Vogue is for the everyday women, full of intellectual reads etc but in my opinion vogue is fashion.. and right now thats not what I’m seeing!
    Not sure if this is a universal boringness or whether individual teams are in control but Christine Centenera is AMAZING… someone please give her more free reign with the fashion editing!!

  4. Roubalita says:

    I couldn’t agree more! In general, most magazines are turning into lifestyle “look at how awesome celebrities are” and yes we expect more from Vogue!
    In my country magazines are much worse however. Even Vogue shut down here!…I had written an article on their failure in my blog as well (http://prettynyummy.blogspot.gr/2012/11/why-greek-magazines-failed.html)

  5. artisticlady says:

    Well I’m a little older but I hear you loud and clear! I stop buying Vogue in the late 80’s because their quality and style went down I mean way down! Every once in a blue moon during the 90’s and 20’s I would look to see if Vogue got their act together. I do remember buying some kind of special history style book with new faces of models. It was a thick book and I did like that so I put my money into that. I almost thought I would return to Vogue but alas the regular month maga’z didn’t improve for me. I just didn’t like that anorexia theme they had been going with over the last 20 years. The girl model’s got sknner and skinner to the point of looking like boys. I’m a girl and a woman of color with meat on my bones not interested in looking at boy like kids dressed in women’s fashions. I to also noticed a shift to more actresses on the cover of Vogue and noticed the covers are boring with a few exceptions! Not to be bashing men but there seems to be a trend in having gay men at the maga’z as fashion editors and it seems that it is happening with a lot of women’s fashion maga’z. I’ve recently read some articles about this and how women are dropping their once beloved maga’z because they don’t like the fashion looks of a generic young boy dressed up in his mommy’s fashion’s. I think this is why there is a fashion trend on the rise of women starting their own fashion blogs. yes it’s cool to have your man dress you once in a while but all the time! For years I couldn’t show fashion maga’z to my daughter because there was nothing in them that represented her, a full figure girl; so I had to get creative picking and choosing her clothes over the years. It would have been nice to open a maga’z and show her the latest cool style’s but for the most part no fashion maga’z peaked her interest. Anyway it’s a new century and a new day and hopefully today maybe women’s voices will be heard by these CEO’s of these maga’z and the lack of sales generated by these lack luster fashion maga’z. going for $5 – 10 dollars. America needs to do something because I have turned to Korea for my fashion interest! Korea is hot and those Korean maga’z are popping! If you have a Uwajimaya store in your city head to it and pick up anyone of their awesome Asian maga’z that has the latest hot fashion trends.

  6. JAMES FARIS says:

    I have a gut feeling that tells me this looks dated.

  7. Medusa says:

    In complete agreement. Except with the part where you say “Don’t get me wrong, I like…” & then list a bunch of actresses. I don’t like any of them! They’ve taken over every fashion magazine & crowded the models out. I still have a subscription to VOGUE (U.S.) but will probably let it lapse …

  8. […] black and white cover and Doutzen’s is one of the best. It is uncluttered yet eye catching. Vogue US should take […]

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