About Me

Hi! I’m Anna, a former fashion merchandising major at Virginia Commonwealth University in lovely Richmond, VA. I have done social media and design work for Bought With Blood, and worked for Forever 21, Chi Rho Clothing and Ecologie Consignment and Vintage. Currently, I work at World Market and am in the process of starting my own business (more on that later).

Apart from style and design, I love film history, vintage clothes, modern furniture, traveling, and of course, Greek mythology.


Feel free to send me an email at annamcferrin@gmail.com

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Zara says:

    Anna! okay ill subscribe!

  2. Linda says:

    Hello.. We love your flag T-shirt. Where do we buy it and how do we make it? We need it for World Refugee Day Celebration in San Antonio on June 16, 2012 for all the volunteers to wear. I appreciate your timely reply.

    • Hey Linda! Thanks for your interest! The American Flag t-shirt is just an $8 Faded Glory tee from Walmart I bought and cut up! I bought it last year so I am not sure if Walmart still carries it, I have often tried to look it up online. But any America themed shirt will do! Next week I am actually planning to do a DIY for how to cut up the shirt, so keep checking back!

  3. maiamajumder says:

    you are simply lovely! we would love to feature you at our fashion blog, if you’re interested in collaborating.

    maia of http://www.beantownbeauties.org

    • Definitely! I like what you’re doing over there! What did you have in mind, Maia? I appreciate it!

      • maiamajumder says:

        What we need is a full-body shot of you wearing an outfit you love – for any occasion is more than fine (all up to you). Along the full-body shot, you can include close-up shots on pieces you really adore. Then, we just need some description about what you’re wearing – specifically, where your items are from and who they’re by.

        If you shoot me an email at maia@beantownbeauties.org we can get the process started!

        Looking forward to working with you!

        Love, Maia

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