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Easy DIY Gifts for Friends


This past Christmas, I decided to get small gifts for three of my good friends just to show that I care. Ladies love a good flower and so, without breaking the bank I came up with three individualized gifts: one that is classic and feminine, another that’s a bit more industrial for the cool city girl, and the perfect flower for a nature lover and full time wanderer.

They’re really simple to make, if you feel so inclined.

First, you’re going to need some glass bottles, preferably ones that come with tasty beverages inside that you simply must drink. I got mine from World Market (of course) for $1.20 each. Also, clean the bottles well. That pretty much goes without saying.


Get yourself up to Walmart or Michael’s for some natural grainy sand ($5). Make sure you know how much fluid ounces your bottles hold so you get the right amount of sand. I also picked up two bracelets for friends that matched their personalities (and the bottles I chose for them) from World Market.


Then head to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and get some small flowers to put inside the bottles. I brought my bottles in, sat down in the middle of the aisle and laid everything out to find the right matches.


Badda boom badda bang! Assemble, sit back, and admire your handy work.


I really enjoyed matching up gifts with the personalities of my dear friends. They weren’t too expensive (probably around $8 each) and it is just a fun, small gesture that shows you care!

20 Years, 20 Handmade Birthday Gifts!

Tonight’s post is a bit personal, but there is some artsy and DIY stuff in here you will hopefully enjoy! I haven’t posted much this week because I’ve been making birthday presents and planning a surprise party for this sweet girl!

For Brenna’s 20th Birthday, I decided to do something special and get her twenty presents each with a special numerical meaning. Here are some of my favorites!

Three hydrangeas in a vintage glass bottle that I painted three lines on!

Five seagulls on a mixed media canvas. The idea was a letter thrown into the sea and it just morphed into her present. I wrote our song, Coldplay’s Swallowed in the Sea on the paper.

Six post-its wrapped in a scrap from my Grandmother’s shirt and a ribbon!

Eleven orchids on her handmade birthday card. I did my favorite thing of using a brown lunch sack as the card again!

This is the box that holds twelve, a pair of earrings from Argentina that cost 12 pesos

A shirt from Forever 21 that cost fourteen dollars. She works at Delia’s and the #14 is cut up from the logo on a Delia’s bag!

So that’s that! I hope you may have gotten some good birthday present DIY ideas. It’s true what they say, giving is better than giving!

Happy 20th, Brenna!

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Those Pants.

I need them in my life.

I sense a trip to Goodwill and a DIY in my future. What do you guys think, try it?

Photo: Street Style Aesthetic

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Chi Rho Clothing Tee DIY

One of of my good friends recently started Chi Rho Clothing, a non-profit Christian clothing line that focuses on combatting human trafficking in Nepal. Chi Rho Clothing is partnered with the Red Thread Movement, which seeks to not only rescue girls but also provide safe houses to keep them out of slavery. All proceeds go to helping the girls, so I of course bought a shirt! I love the simplicity of the Chi Rho symbol (read about it here) but decided to add my own twist to the shirt.

(Word of advice, Michael’s nor Hobby Lobby carry studs… fools… so I went to Joann’s and found these still attached to the leather, which I like better anyway!)

I went for a military inspired look.  Here’s a better photo of the finished product! I might end up adding more  safety pins to the front! What do you think?

It’s a little difficult to put on, what with chains dangling all over the place, but I love wearing it! When people stop me to ask about it, I can tell them all about Chi Rho’s cause. With the social media awareness v.s. action debate going on, it is refreshing to be able to help in a concrete way. And plus, don’t they look cool?

Photo by Joshua Ulrich

Please help in any way you can!

Buy a shirt, an awesome new tank top, or simply donate at Chi Rho Clothing’s Big Cartel.

You can also help spread the word by liking Chi Rho Clothing on Facebook

I just got a new tank top and am already planning on changing that one up a bit too, hmmmm. Ideas?

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