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That Actually Requires Heritage

Well hey there everybody! I’ve been cleaning my house like crazy the past few days and came across some old school notebook covers I made that I still think are pretty cool. I was just starting to be creative, awww.

Here is the cover of my AP US History notebook. And yes, that is a Heritage 1981 bag. Make it work!


Here are the inside and outside covers for my AP Lit composition book. It got a little banged up, so excuse the rips and duct tape.

AP lit APlit2 APlit3 APlit4

I love those shots of Radha Mitchell and the Queen!

It’s always interesting to look back and see yourself slowly transforming into the person you are today. These covers are small reminders for me.

p.s. Speaking of, I am having a major quarter life crisis; excuse the lack of posts. Que Sera Sera



Chi Rho2

A few weeks ago, I made this Facebook cover photo for my friend Scotty’s company, Chi Rho Clothing. (My tank in the header is from there, and you may remember this post and this one) I knew some cool stuff was coming, but was unprepared for this…

Chi Rho3 ChiRho2 ChiRho

I’m so, so proud of these guys. The shirts will be available for purchase on June 15th!

Check Chi Rho out on Facebook and Instagram.

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JCP + RVCA sneak peek #2

Presenting this brand collaboration tomorrow… wish me luck!


On second thought, probably should’ve used the grey version of JCP’s logo…


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JCP + RVCA sneak peek!

Here’s a sneak peek of my last fashion project!

We had to create a collaboration with JCP (because let’s face it, they need all the help they can get) and we decided to create a new girls’ line for RVCA, and bring in the line for boys that they already have.

Here’s the concept Internet banner and Instagram campaign


I am also thrilled that I figured out how to make gifs! I am geeking out about it. Gahhhh. Expect to see them a lot more now.

Also, I stole a bunch of images from all over for this. I’ll give credit where credit is due in the official post!

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