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Trend Watch: The Drawstring Trouser

I’ve already talked about how hemlines are rising to create an ultra-ankle skinny pant, and now the trend is expanding to encompass a more casual silhouette. Made out of high quality jersey or silk, these cropped and cuffed, tapered drawstring trousers aren’t your momma’s sweatpants!

Whether striped, solid or printed, this comfy yet chic alternative to dress pants is popping up everywhere from the streets of fashion week to retailers across the globe.

Have a look!

Spanish retailer ZARA was one of the first to get in on the trend

Mango shows us a dressier option (I gushed about this collection here!)

Britt Maren keeps it casual and fall appropriate for Rene Lezard

At Elle France, the drawstring trouser is a trend within a trend (Punk)

The dragon tattoo line for H+M is the edgy icing on the cake. Would you LOOK at those sleek beauties on the left? Sign me up.

Here’s one of their newest options.

As long as it’s done right, this is one trend I wholeheartedly support. Throw a blazer or structured jacket on top, tuck (or half tuck) in your blouse or button up and add some pumps! Leave it to the fashion industry to create a chic sweatpant (Seriously. They feel like sweatpants. Go buy some!).

Photos from Asos, WWD, ZARA, Mango, FGR, Elle France, H+M, 5 Inch + Up and Acne

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Tuesday Trend Watch: Baroque

The Baroque Period is an artistic movement that began in Italy in the early seventeenth century and spread throughout Europe, affecting painting, sculpture, music, literature and architecture. Baroque style is characterized by dramatic adornment, exaggerated motion, extravagance, drama and grandeur.

To give you an idea, the Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles is a marvelous example of French Baroque style in architecture.

The Baroque trend in Fashion looks a little something like this…

Aren’t these garments exquisite? Can you tell designers are wary of economic recession? I can and it is a sight for sore eyes. Let’s put a little glamour back into our lives.

Dolce & Gabbana supercharged the Baroque influence with their Fall 2012 collection, inspired by the religious traditions of Domenico’s native Sicily.

D&G started a trend avalanche. There is no escaping Baroque this season; you may even see it multiple times at one magazine stand!

(We can all agree that Harper’s Bazaar España won this round, yes? Just making sure.)

Vogue Germany went literal with the trend, and took us back to the 1600’s in a stroke of brilliance.

I have not seen an editorial that looks like a painting in well, ever!

Dolce & Gabbana are the most visible, but not the only ones returning to their grand roots. Over at Balmain, Olivier sent garments dripping with pearls, ornate embroidery and gold down the runway (Baroque  is directly translated from barroco, meaning “imperfect pearl”).

What are your thoughts about the trend? I nerd out a little bit whenever Fashion is directly influenced by periods in history, so naturally I am all for it. These garments are absolutely beautiful and speak of the past in ways we are not accustomed to in the Internet age. The clothes are brand new, but you want to treat them like sacred family heirlooms.

What do you think?

Can’t afford a hand embroidered Dolce & Gabbana corset or Balmain jacket? The Baroque trend is popping up everywhere from J. Crew to Topshop. Refinery 29 counts it down here!

Photos from Fashion Gone Rogue, and tumblr.

{Editor’s Note: Not but one week after this post, look what editorial popped up over at Vogue Japan! See more Baroque here}

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Trend Watch: Pastel Leather

Grazia France + ELLE France

Grazia Germany

I think we can all agree that pastel leather for spring is fresh and fabulous, yes?

Alright then. All done here.

Photos: FGR, 5 Inch and Up,  Hanneli, Because I’m Addicted,

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