Easy DIY Gifts for Friends


This past Christmas, I decided to get small gifts for three of my good friends just to show that I care. Ladies love a good flower and so, without breaking the bank I came up with three individualized gifts: one that is classic and feminine, another that’s a bit more industrial for the cool city girl, and the perfect flower for a nature lover and full time wanderer.

They’re really simple to make, if you feel so inclined.

First, you’re going to need some glass bottles, preferably ones that come with tasty beverages inside that you simply must drink. I got mine from World Market (of course) for $1.20 each. Also, clean the bottles well. That pretty much goes without saying.


Get yourself up to Walmart or Michael’s for some natural grainy sand ($5). Make sure you know how much fluid ounces your bottles hold so you get the right amount of sand. I also picked up two bracelets for friends that matched their personalities (and the bottles I chose for them) from World Market.


Then head to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby and get some small flowers to put inside the bottles. I brought my bottles in, sat down in the middle of the aisle and laid everything out to find the right matches.


Badda boom badda bang! Assemble, sit back, and admire your handy work.


I really enjoyed matching up gifts with the personalities of my dear friends. They weren’t too expensive (probably around $8 each) and it is just a fun, small gesture that shows you care!

Menswear Monday: Suitsupply


To celebrate the reopening of the Dutch Nationals Gallery, Suitsupply and Amsterdam’s famed Rijksmuseum collaborated on an unusual fall/winter campaign featuring the timeless works of masters Frans Hals, Pieter Codde, Govert Flinck, Jan Asselijn, Bartholomeus van der Herlst, and Rembrandt.

The result is phenomenal.

ohmahgoodnesscanwejustthat color thoughso dapper The rich colors of the paintings combined with the textures of the garments and the noble expressions of the models, gahhh. I love it.

wow wowwwza

Fashion and art go hand in hand ladies and gents.

See the rest of the gorgeous campaign here

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Hilary Rhoda for Vogue Australia


I could stare at this image all day (it’s from an editorial shot by Boo George, not the actual cover but it should’ve been). The colors, the mood, the text alignment, and even though diver boy’s feet aren’t together, I still say it’s a pretty perfect image.

The rest of the editorial is good, not fantastic, but I appreciate the Kennedy vibe they’re going for.


That first picture though… I’ll take one in poster size?

See the rest here.

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Blog Envy #4


Fashion: Jewelry Maker Anna Sheffield 

anna anna3

Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 9.48.52 PM

Anna Sheffield’s bridal and everyday designs are glamorous with a hint of rock ‘n’ roll. I adore the black and gold Bea on the bottom left corner. Unnnf.

See more of her fantastic work here or get your daily dose of inspiration on her Pinterest.

Tumblr: Where I See Fashion 

whereiseefashion1 wisf2 wisf4 wisf5 wisf7 wisf8 wisf9

No explanation needed here. This Tumblr is truly lovely.

Home Improvement/DIY: Oh Happy Day

Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 9.57.44 PM

Oh Happy Day is a lifestyle and design blog run by San Francisco party planner Jordan Ferney.  Most of the DIY projects Jordan posts aren’t too complicated and can actually be created in real life, which is refreshing to see on sites like this! She also posts design inspiration which I am of course all about. (and how awesome is that modern gingerbread house?)

Screen shot 2014-01-24 at 10.06.51 PM

Screen shot 2013-12-24 at 12.39.27 AMScreen shot 2014-01-24 at 9.57.25 PM

Like what you see? Head on over.

Miscellaneous: Coca Runners


Cocoa Runners is a [brilliant] subscription service for the best handcrafted chocolates from all over the world. Every month, you’ll receive four bars in a gorgeous package with stories about each bar. You can rank what tastes, notes and consistencies you like best and they’ll also send you recommendations.

Americans must fork over an arm and a leg to get a subscription shipped to them, but if you are a chocolate enthusiast you can sign up for their newsletter which is still beautiful and informative, just not quite as tasty!

Screen shot 2013-12-14 at 2.05.35 AM


Read all about it (and drool) here! 

And that’s about it for Blog Envy 4!

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