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Menswear Monday: Suitsupply


To celebrate the reopening of the Dutch Nationals Gallery, Suitsupply and Amsterdam’s famed Rijksmuseum collaborated on an unusual fall/winter campaign featuring the timeless works of masters Frans Hals, Pieter Codde, Govert Flinck, Jan Asselijn, Bartholomeus van der Herlst, and Rembrandt.

The result is phenomenal.

ohmahgoodnesscanwejustthat color thoughso dapper The rich colors of the paintings combined with the textures of the garments and the noble expressions of the models, gahhh. I love it.

wow wowwwza

Fashion and art go hand in hand ladies and gents.

See the rest of the gorgeous campaign here

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20 Years, 20 Handmade Birthday Gifts!

Tonight’s post is a bit personal, but there is some artsy and DIY stuff in here you will hopefully enjoy! I haven’t posted much this week because I’ve been making birthday presents and planning a surprise party for this sweet girl!

For Brenna’s 20th Birthday, I decided to do something special and get her twenty presents each with a special numerical meaning. Here are some of my favorites!

Three hydrangeas in a vintage glass bottle that I painted three lines on!

Five seagulls on a mixed media canvas. The idea was a letter thrown into the sea and it just morphed into her present. I wrote our song, Coldplay’s Swallowed in the Sea on the paper.

Six post-its wrapped in a scrap from my Grandmother’s shirt and a ribbon!

Eleven orchids on her handmade birthday card. I did my favorite thing of using a brown lunch sack as the card again!

This is the box that holds twelve, a pair of earrings from Argentina that cost 12 pesos

A shirt from Forever 21 that cost fourteen dollars. She works at Delia’s and the #14 is cut up from the logo on a Delia’s bag!

So that’s that! I hope you may have gotten some good birthday present DIY ideas. It’s true what they say, giving is better than giving!

Happy 20th, Brenna!

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Viktor Gårdsäter

How dreamlike. I really like it.
To see more of this talented Swedish photographer’s work, please check out his website!

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