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I am very excited to share the story of this company with you guys!

All day long sitting in fashion classes, learning about luxury brand after luxury brand, you start to wonder, “okay, so what do those of us with an appreciation for fine quality and aesthetics do when we’re broke?” What about the normal people?

I’ve started to become a little disenchanted with the Industry; so much of what we pay for is not for the product itself, but to build up the hype of a brand. Guess what? It is 2013. The times they are a’changin’ and there are cheaper ways to do great things. Could less buck potentially equal more bang?

I think the people at Commodity might know how I feel…


Here’s the deal:

1. You create a scent profile online

2. They send you a tailoring kit and you can test the fragrances to see how they fit into your life

3. When you choose a favorite, they send it to you! No ridiculous markups to pay for advertising and retail costs

Plus, the products and advertisements are simple, sophisticated and straightforward. No frou frou or celebrities. Just people living their daily lives.


Commodity2 Commodity3 Commodity4

And now for the ladies,

Commodity5 Commodity8 Commodity9


Isn’t this such a refreshing idea? I am very excited about this company, this concept and these products. I will be curious to see how this little start up does.

You can read more about Commodity and their mission here!

[Editor’s note: WATCH THE VIDEO, I could not get the embed to work, but you must see it]

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This evening my beloved Grandmother went home to be with the Lord. What joy it brings me to imagine her the age she is in this picture, 24, full of life, happiness and spunk, for the rest of eternity.

My Grandmother lived a long, full, fruitful life. And although there were both happy times and rough times, she weathered it all with the unconquerable grace and elegance of a great Southern lady. A Steel Magnolia.


Holiday Hair Inspiration

While none of these long hair don’t care tips apply to me, now that the holiday season is upon us I thought I’d share! The gorgeous Sara Von Schrenk and the hair gurus at Beauty High show you how to use necklaces, headbands and even earrings to accessorize your locks with a little extra sparkle.
Photographer: Spencer Wohlrab
Stylist: Truc Nguyen
Hairstylist: Sean Gallagher, Pipino Salon
Makeup Artist: Cheyenne Timperio, Top 5 Management
Model: Sara Von Schrenk, New York Models
 Photos from Beauty High
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