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Pencil Post


“Pencil Agency, situated in the heart of London’s Soho, creates considered, bespoke content for clients across all channels but with a particular love of print. With this in mind it would only seem right that Pencil promoted itself and the importance of curated content to brands by way of a beautifully designed newspaper.”

PencilPost2 PencilPost3 PencilPost10 PencilPost6

Imagine if you sent a magazine like this to your clients. Whoa dang.

I don’t know if you have ever tried to organize an abundance of information on pages, but man, making newspaper and magazine layouts is so. incredibly. hard. I have a great respect for graphic designers that create work on this level. The information is presented in an organized, readable manner, and the design itself is innovative. Not to mention, I love me some navy blue and orange.

See more of Chloe Galea’s fantastic work on her Behance site.

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Vogue Germany kills it

VogueGermany1 VogueGermany2 VogueGermany3 VogueGermany4

Can we just talk about how fantastic the “Cocoon” spread in Vogue Germany’s September issue is? Visually powerful combination of color, texture, light and shape? Check. The gorgeous Jeneil working it for all she’s got? Check. You almost forget that they are selling winter knits here. Vogue US would plop some safe white actress down on a bench wearing an infinity scarf and call it a day. But oh no…


This is the kind of shoot that proves fashion is not some flippant thing. Vogue Germany’s fashion editor Kathrin Schiffner took knits completely out of context to create vibrant, contrasting images that demand attention. I like that.

Model: Jeneil Williams, Photographer: Julia Noni

Photos: the Citizens of Fashion 

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Blog Envy #3


Tumblr: National Geographic Found 


National Geographic is not trying too hard to be cool with its new Tumblr. The institution knows its audience, and only posts simple, gorgeous images with little snippets about the photographer and time period. It’s a great way to learn some history while poking around Tumblr. Check it out, my history/photography buffs will not be disappointed.

Fashion Blogs:  Tomboy Style

TomboyStyle2 Screen shot 2013-08-30 at 10.49.00 PMTomboyStyle3

Fashion photography, interviews, style inspiration posts, and the latest products from a tomboy perspective. All around gorgeous blog run by Lizzie Garrett Mettler, friendly to gentlemen as well. You just have to appreciate the aesthetic of this site.

Typography: 40 Days of Dating

Screen shot 2013-08-30 at 10.53.32 PMScreen shot 2013-08-30 at 11.17.20 PMforty daysfortydays2

Speaking of aesthetically pleasing sites, the famed 40 Days of Dating is probably the greatest thing to come from the Internet in 2013. Basically, two friends decide to try dating and document all of it with the help from their talented friends. Gorgeous images, videos and typfaces abound. Plus, their story is captivating (JUST BE TOGETHER ALREADY GAHHH). Get ready to lose some hours of your life.

Miscellaneous: Petrolicious 


Tell me you aren’t in love with classic cars after spending some time perusing Petrolicious and I won’t believe you. I am always intrigued by the way they present the history, design and cultural impact of the automobile. An all round flawless site. Plus, how can you not love these inspiration images?


There you go! Blog Envy #3!

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Design Friday: Trig


If you are like me, the word “Trigonometry” might conjure horrible memories of high school math that send you running in terror. Luckily for us, Sydney’s Olivia King interpreted the word a bit differently.


Olivia combined an appreciation for triangles, bright colors, Australia’s finest natural materials and a passion for jewelry making into her new project, Trig.


Using the Trig app, customers can choose between multiple variations of color, shape and material. The finished pieces are then packaged in brightly colored boxes and sent on their merry way.


Now this is one Trig I can support! I love all those bright colors.

See more here!

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